• The Case For a Hillary Clinton Indictment

    Jorge Ramos at the 8th Democratic Debate in Miami asked Hillary Clinton if she would continue her campaign if she is indicted over her email scandal. Mrs. Clinton responded by going down her usual list of talking points to explain …..

  • There’s No Such Thing As A ‘Free Tuition’

    Young people need to understand this. When Bernie Sanders promises you tuition-free college he is lying to you. He is straight up lying to you to get your vote and here’s why. I’m pretty sure all those college professors, administrators …..

  • The Equal Pay Lie

    The Left is at it again in their relentless push for equal pay federal legislation.  It’s as if they truly believe, and want to convince you, that there is a nationwide conspiracy to pay women less than their male counterparts …..

  • Sterling, and The Hypocrisy of the Left

    I recently had someone tell me that the Donald Sterling story went so big because it was hyped by TMZ, but I don’t agree.  I believe it would have exploded no matter what.  The story has everything in it; sex, …..

  • Is Obama asking for articles of impeachment?

    President Obama recently televised a message to Congress that he has a pen and a phone, and that if the Congress doesn’t start doing the things he wants them to do then he will take action by writing executive orders. Okay, …..

  • Obamacare and Dangerous Precedents

    By now millions of American lives are being affected, (or is it afflicted?), by the Affordable Care Act and most of them aren’t very happy.   By either having their private health insurance premiums skyrocket anywhere from 100 – 300% or having their …..