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There’s No Such Thing As A ‘Free Tuition’

Young people need to understand this.

When Bernie Sanders promises you tuition-free college he is lying to you. He is straight up lying to you to get your vote and here’s why.

I’m pretty sure all those college professors, administrators and janitors in the thousands of colleges and universities across the country are going to expect to be paid for their work. Would you work a job for nothing? That means that SOMEONE is going to pay their salaries and benefits. Something that most people don’t think about is government has no money of its own. Every dollar that government spends it has to forcibly take from people who work in the form of taxes. The taxpayers will get hit with the tuition bill by government raising taxes to an alarming rate, because remember, there are a lot of college age people in this country, and that’s a lot of money to be spent on “free tuition.”

Remember, SOMEONE has to pay that bill and it’s not going to be only rich people. The simple truth is if you took 100 percent of the top 1%’s wealth it wouldn’t make a dent in America’s financial debts. It is delusional thinking to believe that taking money from the rich is going to create a tuition-free America.

You, the college student, are going to get stuck with that bill in the near future right after you graduate college and begin working.

The Cliff Notes version: You will get four years of tuition-free college just to spend the next forty years paying off everyone’s tuition with ever-increasing tax rates. That will affect how you make your car payment, how you buy groceries and pay your utility bills among other adult responsibilities.

You’re being lied to. Welcome to socialism.

– Rich Welsh

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