The Equal Pay Lie

The Left is at it again in their relentless push for equal pay federal legislation.  It’s as if they truly believe, and want to convince you, that there is a nationwide conspiracy to pay women less than their male counterparts simply because they lack a certain organ in their anatomy.

This is such a BS argument.  It stems from Progressive ideological activism and is spread by willful ignorance into the bouillabaisse of cultural sophistry.

Liberals look at the marketplace and determine “equality” by salary ranges and nothing else. Well, HELLO!, in the real world there are variables that provide rational explanations upon even the slightest analysis.  But you have to have an attention span longer than the average left winger.

Every year for the last thirty or so we have been subjected to newspaper articles about studies claiming that women with the same degrees make less than men.  And that’s about all a leftist needs to hear before they go spread this sophistry on sites like Facebook and Twitter.  And it makes for a great angry rant.  “CORPORATIONS PAY WOMEN LESS THAN MEN!”  In many cases, this is true.

However, there are many factors that go into it.  (This is where we usually lose the left wing reader. )   Factors like men who get a Bachelors degree usually get one in fields that pay well in the marketplace like engineering, computer science, business management, etc., while women with a Bachelors degree get one in fields that don’t pay as much, like sociology which has a starting salary in most jurisdictions for social workers of about $41,000.00 a year.

So you have men and women with the same Bachelors degree, with men making more than women, but without the rationale behind it, you walk away thinking there’s some inequality going on in America.  This is what the Progressives want you to think.

This even happens in the field of medicine.  Men who go on to specialized fields in medicine make more money than women who usually go into fields like Pediatrics, which is so over-bloated (you can’t throw a latte without hitting a pediatrics office these days) that the money earned is far less than in a specialized field.

And here’s the kicker that the Progressives either don’t reveal or they do at the end of the article when they know that the average leftist has the probability of nil making it that far, that women, on average, who go into a normally male-dominated field, earn as much, if not more than their male colleagues within just a few short years.  For example, I’ve worked as a senior programmer/analyst for decades, and I’ve literally witnessed this in the profession. I have personally known very few female programmers, but when one comes along, she is usually doing better than the guys with respect to heading up projects, taking leadership positions, and yes, gaining rank, salary increases and bonuses, in a shorter amount of time than you’d think.

You also have the fact that women get pregnant and men don’t.  When a woman decides to start a family that comes in a trade off as a loss for her career.  You can’t blame a woman for wanting to have children, and you can’t blame business for her leaving her career to do so either.  But that’s what Progressives want you to do.

Another factor is that on average only 30% of females negotiate their starting salaries after being offered a job while 46% of men do.  Thirty-nine percent of men are apprehensive about negotiating starting salary compared to 55% of women.  This also has an effect on the numbers, but you won’t hear this from the Left.  The Left isn’t concerned with facts or honesty.  They have an agenda.

So we have Progressive radicals like Barack Obama who has the gall to go out and give speeches about women being paid less than men, proposing federal legislation that would force companies into a soviet-style pay scale, when he himself pays women less than men in his own White House.  He’s been told this over a year ago and it’s now been reported that not a whole hell of a lot has changed since.  This administration has done more to divide the American people than any in our history and it’s despicable.

So this topic is mostly pablum BS thrown out there by the radical Left in an effort to stir up the Pavlovian lemming ranks so that they can once again use the energy stirred to divide our society in order to get another political win for the Marxists.

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