Sterling, and The Hypocrisy of the Left

I recently had someone tell me that the Donald Sterling story went so big because it was hyped by TMZ, but I don’t agree.  I believe it would have exploded no matter what.  The story has everything in it; sex, money, hookers, racism, hypocrisy… all the juicy components of a good story, except, damnit!, the guy is a liberal who donated to left wing causes, despite being a registered Republican.  I can hear it now in back room newspaper editorial meetings: “The f’ing a’hole! If only he was conservative!!!!”

Al Sharpton, a.k.a. FBI informant C-7, admitted that he knew all about Sterling’s multi-million dollar lawsuits over his racism, but his lust for being in the limelight by being seen with the owner of the Clippers overshadowed his race hustling prowess.  This is a man who has blatantly lied about racism in his own past more than once, which in my eyes makes him a racist. In fact, on one of his rants he was responsible for stirring up a mob so much that an innocent young man was murdered. But the Left pretty much ignores that every time C-7 springs into action.

The man I admire the most in this story is Kareem Abdul Jabbar, who has been honest about it, and wrote from his heart in his op ed about this. He is the only one (I have seen so far) who is not trying to cover anything up or express fake outrage or make money on this story.

The NAACP, about to give Sterling another lifetime achievement award, knew all about his racist past as well.  At least we have to give the organization enough credit to be smart enough to properly vet someone they scheduled to receive a high honorable award.  You can see Donald Sterling’s name on the award list of the 2014 NAACP honorees here, with Rev Al Sharpton’s name just above it.  No, you can’t make these things up.

Most folks that Sterling was involved with knew of his attitude and racist feelings. His legal troubles with the Bush Justice Department over refusing to rent apartments to blacks and Hispanics is public knowledge.  Once the recent recording became public, suddenly the NAACP and the rest acted all outraged with the NAACP taking away the award. This has to raise questions to anyone who can think clearly.  Does the NAACP mean anything anymore when it can ignore racism this way simply because money gets donated to causes the NAACP approves of?

And the president of the LA chapter of the NAACP literally said the other night on TV that the NAACP took away Sterling’s lifetime achievement award and that they still looked forward to doing business with Sterling in the future. And NO ONE in the mainstream press wondered why most Americans hear this and wonder if they woke up in an alternate universe.

As for the tape, we can speculate that his girlfriend’s lawyer(s) somehow got the tape to TMZ upon anonymity as all part of the plan to protect her interests in the lawsuit against her by Sterling’s wife to get back gifts given to her by Sterling, including many expensive cars and a house.  I mean, didn’t the first thing you thought of when you heard the recording was that it sounded like she was reading from a laundry list of bulleted items?

The story here is not about Sterling’s racism. Everyone involved already knew about it. The story here is how all of the left wing organizations, many of whom make their living going after racism, looked the other way because Sterling donated to their organizations.

As for Sterling losing his business, if the franchise rules declare it, and he obviously agreed to those rules, then it’s legal.

This hypocrisy has been my contention all along about the Left. They are a bunch of fake, phony, frauds. We have the NAACP, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, et al, looking the other way when it’s one of their own. We have feminist organizations like NOW looking the other way when a Democrat president is accused of sexually assaulting women, in one case very credible accusations of rape. Not a peep from them when conservative women are called all kinds of vile and sexist names by left wing politicians and news networks.

Al Gore sells his environmentalist network to an oil conglomerate and he still commands thousands of dollars in speaking fees on phony junk science issues.

Left winger Alec Baldwin continually makes anti homosexual verbal assaults on people and he’s still respected by the Left.

MSNBCs Ed Schultz calls Laura Ingraham a slut on his show and he’s still got a job and loved by left wingers who spread the lie about a Republican war on women.

Harry Reid, while still supporting Hillary Clinton for president, said of then Senator Barack Obama that he was a “light skinned” African American “with no negro dialect unless he wanted to have one,” and he now runs the Democrat-controlled Senate. Do you have any idea how racist that statement was?  But the Left just looks the other way. “Nothing to see here. Move along…”

At least conservatives drop their whackos upon instinct. Just look at how quickly they scattered the split nanosecond Cliven Bundy started ranting on about “negros” at his ranch. And what Bundy was clumsily trying to say wasn’t even racist. He was sympathizing with black Americans. He was trying to point out that black people today, like everyone else, are slaves to big government. He worded it ridiculously because he’s not a savvy public speaker. Yet, the GOP politicians who once supported him abandoned him very openly and very strongly condemned his words.

And, as usual, left wingers immediately drew the conclusion that because conservatives supported Bundy’s argument about the federal government being able to own land, his negro comments automatically makes all conservatives racist.

Todd Akin, “legitimate rape” moron, was immediately asked by the GOP to leave his race after making that infamous statement, but there was no law that allowed the GOP to throw him off the ballot and he stayed in the race. Todd Akin is now a former U.S. Representative from Missouri’s 2nd congressional district and will more than likely never receive any backing from the GOP ever again.

When a left winger actually does stupid things liberals’ first instinct is to circle the wagons, until the story could harm themselves.  Then, and only then, they run the guy over with the wagons to protect themselves when they should have distanced themselves at the beginning.

This story is about the hypocrisy involved.

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