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Is Obama asking for articles of impeachment?

President Obama recently televised a message to Congress that he has a pen and a phone, and that if the Congress doesn’t start doing the things he wants them to do then he will take action by writing executive orders.

Okay, I realize that most of you should have been taught this in public school, but the president doesn’t have the power to write executive orders without a specific Congressional power authorized for it.

An executive order is a way for a sitting president to “execute” a power given to his office by the Congress. President Obama declaring that he will write an executive order if the Congress doesn’t give him a power he seeks is as unconstitutional as it gets.  It’s the same thing as him saying to Congress, “I realize that you aren’t going to give me the Constitutional powers that I am asking for, so I’m going to give them to myself, without the need of Congress, by writing an executive order that will execute the powers you did not give me.”

Do you follow that?  The president is threatening to break the law, and the split second he follows through on his threats the Congress should formally adopt articles of impeachment against him.

I know it’s difficult to still believe that we are a Constitutional Republic, but according to our supreme law we are, and the articles in our Constitution specifically define who gets what powers, and the president only has the power to execute laws while the Congress has the power to create them.

This bold statement made by President Obama, who brags that he used to teach a Constitutional Law class at the college level, begs the question, is Obama asking for articles of impeachment?

We know that no Congressional Democrat worth his or her Marxism Club card would file articles of impeachment against this president, even as this president unlawfully takes powers away from them, but it will be interesting to see how the GOP would handle such a power grab move by Barack Obama.

And now we wait….

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