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GOP Should Not Help Dems “Fix” Obamacare While It’s Imploding

Don’t forget, the Democrats gave zero compromise on Obamacare. Polls showed that over 70% of America did not want it when they shoved it down our throats. They wanted what they wanted when they wanted it, and then they went on and demonized the GOP for voting against it, even coining the term, The Party of No.

So I say the GOP should do nothing to try to help the Democrats “fix” Obamacare. Not a single Republican voted for it in the House or Senate. It’s a wholly Democratic Party problem so let them try to work it out. Republicans should make sure they do it legally while at the same time they should not offer any help whatsoever.

We all know that Democrats will work hardest to blame Republicans for Obamacare failures anyway.  The way it was written it cannot be fixed, but it will be so much fun watching the Democrats who voted for it scrambling to point the blame at someone else.

Barack Obama toured the country claiming that Republicans didn’t have an alternative solution even though he ignored over a dozen alternative proposals the GOP gave him. He has lied all the way through this process, at each and every stage.

Certain Republicans (mostly Tea Party members) have been trying to help the American people against Obamacare all along, and up until recently, when people started getting personally affected by it, no one gave the GOP an ounce of credit.

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