Obamacare and Dangerous Precedents

By now millions of American lives are being affected, (or is it afflicted?), by the Affordable Care Act and most of them aren’t very happy.   By either having their private health insurance premiums skyrocket anywhere from 100 – 300% or having their health plans discontinued as a result of the government mandates demanded by the ACA, Americans are hurting.  This was the hurting that conservatives have been warning you about all this time.

Some folks have had their work schedules cut from full time to just 29 hours a week to avoid the costs of the ACA to their employer.  And in many cases if the small business owner doesn’t cut their hours the ACA would put them right out of business for not being able to afford it.

The ACA also adds insult to injury by fining you if you decide you either don’t want or cannot afford health insurance under the ACA.  And if you don’t pay the fines the government will take away your drivers license.  All of that enforced by the IRS, the greatest debt collection agency on earth.

It seems that America’s Left are ignoring all of the hardships caused by Obamacare in the hopes that things will get better as we go along and the rest will just work themselves out on their own.  Instead they are focusing on the esoteric notion that finally people without health insurance are able to get coverage, and that notion alone is worth all of the hardships government has caused people across the country.

But what bothers me the most is the precedent that has been set that the federal government can now force citizens to purchase health insurance whether they want it or not and be penalized for not complying.

In an effort to be clear to the statists I want to throw a scenario out there that is most definitely possible given the precedent set by the Affordable Care Act.  Let’s see how it comes across.

Suppose in 2016 (just suppose) the Republican Party gains control of the House, a filibuster-proof Senate, and the White House.  And suppose they decide to create a law that forces all non-criminal citizens to purchase a firearm.   The Democrats don’t have enough votes in the House to stop it, and they don’t have enough members in the Senate to allow a filibuster.

Among other things found in the bill, you will be fined if you do not purchase a firearm, and you will lose your drivers license until you do. You will be able to go to a state exchange where you can register your firearm.

The argument can be made that Americans deserve the right to protect themselves, and the best way to ensure that they are protected at all times is if they exercise their 2nd Amendment rights to own and carry a firearm.  The government would subsidize the poor to make their gun purchases and there would be programs that subsidize bullets for training and target practice.  The NRA could be used for that training.

The Left would complain, of course, but the Republicans would not listen to them.  Instead, they would use Fox News and other conservative news media to promote the idea that the overwhelming majority of Americans are for government forcing them to purchase a firearm.  The president would give speeches claiming that the Democrats have not proposed an alternative plan, and while they claim that they have offered up a dozen or so plans already, the president will completely ignore them.

And if there’s an unforeseen glitch in the law, no problem.  The president will just change that law without the need of having to go to Congress.

While that scenario may pan out as every liberal’s nightmare it is absolutely feasible that it could happen.  When the federal government is allowed to set a precedent that it has the power to force citizens to purchase health insurance, whether they want it or not, there is nothing to stop the same government from forcing citizens to purchase anything else.

Let’s say the president gave a bailout to General Motors, and he wants to see a return on the investment.  He could ask the Congress to do a study in which they would conclude that GM cars are the safest cars for Americans.  The federal government could then force Americans to purchase cars from GM by adding, let’s say, a 100 – 300% tax on non GM purchases.

Let’s go one step further.  Suppose you get into an accident while driving a non GM vehicle.  The government can tell you that because you weren’t driving a government-approved GM vehicle they are only going to pay 10% for medical services, while you would have received 80% had you been driving a GM model.

THAT’S TYRANNY!  the Left would shout.  Yeah, no kidding, and it’s all possible under the precedent set by the Affordable Care Act and Barack Obama.

The Left always ignores the law.  That is, the Law of Unintended Consequences, where a poorly thought out plan used to solve a problem quickly can cause more hardships than it purports to solve.  This is especially frightening when the hardest thing to kill is a government program.


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